We’re at the Belly Up again this Saturday! It’d be an honor to rock out to you guys one more time! But first, you have to make sure you get your tickets ahead of time. Click the image of Jesse above to get your tickets now!

We’re at the Belly Up again this Saturday! It’d be an honor to rock out to you guys one more time! But first, you have to make sure you get your tickets ahead of time. Click the image of Jesse above to get your tickets now!

Check out the new SBU t-shirts, a fetching red logo on a white tee! Treat yourself, treat your friends, & support unsigned music! Get ‘em now by clicking on the shirt itself! 
Check out the new SBU t-shirts, a fetching red logo on a white tee! Treat yourself, treat your friends, & support unsigned music! Get ‘em now by clicking on the shirt itself! 

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Ladies & gents, SBU’s first real video, for the unreleased track “It’s What You Wanted”!! Thanks so much to everyone at Whiskey River Studio/Broken Bridge Collective (Ben, Tyler, Cee Jay, et al). Check it out!!

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We’re in this weeks San Diego reader. So if you’re in San Diego, pick one up and find us in it! If you’re not, check it out here: http://bit.ly/JQdrYB

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A chance to rest? Never!!

Wow. Since we last chatted it’s been non-stop activity. We told you about Bar Pink and the Belly Up, well things just stayed at a breakneck pace after that. Firstly, there was Fitzgerald’s in Huntington Beach on April 13, a rather intimate affair after rocking with 400 heads in Solana Beach. But let’s face it, the small shows are what make up rock ‘n’ roll’s bloody heart, and oh yea this gig was pure rock ‘n’ roll. We opened for L.A.-based zombie pyschobilly punks Cold Blue Rebels, plus we finally got to meet Trace Edwards, the man behind Ink N Iron. It’s thanks to him and booker extraordinaire James Harding that SBU will be performing at this year’s festival! It goes from Friday ‘til Sunday, June 8-10, and we’ll be playing at 3pm on Saturday. Next up, there was 4/21 at the Sandpiper in Laguna Beach. How was playing a small Orange County beach town on a Monday night, you ask? We don’t remember because our friends the Paragraphs rocked so hard that night it destroyed our memory of all else. But really, they did, and so did we, if we say so ourselves. And we do. Moving right along, Friday 4/27 saw us celebrating our buddy Nate Johnson’s birthday at his club the Royal Dive. Again the Paragraphs helped us blow the roof off, with Hula Guns adding to the pandemonium. Here’s two pics: Lastly, but in no way leastly, Friday 5/13 we made our debut at the Shakedown in SD. Shake Before Us at the Shakedown? It’s a natural fit! Located in the picturesque community of Sports Arena, the establishment is lovingly placed between a strip joint, liquor store, and there’s a tire shop somewhere in the mix too. Old Harleys in front, skate ramp out back. This is ROCK, people. We blasted on the stage and then our L.A. buddies Smogtown blasted. Here’s a pic: And those were just the gigs! We also had an extremely fruitful recording session at Whiskey River studio in Carlsbad. We laid down three new songs and filmed the damn thing, it was an awesome experience. Thanks to everyone who was involved, we can’t wait for the finished product! Now, while Cuz and his beautiful lady explore the cities and countryside of England, Fonda, Jesse and me are gonna hole up in the Widow Maker, rewire it, make some repairs, finish some songs and drink some whiskey. See you in June!

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Stairway To Heaven…

…well, Shake Before Us heaven at least. Five steps to reach the Belly Up stage and five steps closer to the top for the four gents from North County. 

JesseAs Fonda always says, “Anytime you need to go up a set of stairs to get to the stage… it’s gonna be a good show.” The sound, the lights, the club employees and, most of all, the crowd, made it a perfect night. We opened for two of SD’s finest, Transfer and Blackout Party. There were about 400 people in the club that night, and most of them got there early to hear us! According to our website genie and recent roadie Patrick, the doorman said they never have so many people arrive so early, leastways not for a show with three local bands. But thanks to YOU that’s exactly what happened. The band took flight for 40 minutes of pure rock & roll bliss. Booker Chad was so impressed he asked us back; of course we said yes. Here’s a brief review of the show from our new friend Marissa on her blog, Of Shows and Burritos:

"The Balls of Shake Before Us" 

Did you ever listen to a Monkees’ song and wish there was just a little more heft in the balls of the song? Well Shake Before Us are the balls of 60’s pop; giving old school style tunes with the edge and weight of rock n’roll.  It’s vaguely familiar in a very good way.  It’s like a bunch of rockers ended up in a mod band and as my roots in loving music are in loving The Who, I like this band.  Bonus: they dress well.

Thanks, Marissa. We love the Who too.

On the opposite end of the spectrum we have Bar Pink… which has a small sound system, two lights and a stage that requires no stairs to reach. But those can also be great shows! And that’s exactly what we had with The Midnight Rivals on a rainy Saturday night in North Park. It rained outside as we reigned with rock inside. It was nuts to butts with folks getting down anywhere they could! We are hoping to do more shows with the Rivals in the near future…so stay tuned… 

And we still have 3 more shows to go this month.

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There is hot, and then there is The Flying Elephant hot! Picture The Beatles in those sweaty shots from back in their Cavern days… Now we know we are no Beatles… But we proved we can sweat with the best of them. From the opening cords of the Scitzophonics 45-minute barn burner set we knew it was going to be one of those nights….a night where faces would be melted off due to high intensity rock & roll.
It was good to see our old friend Tim Lowman from Low Volts/The Black Out Party side-stage sipping a brew and getting down to Shake Before Us.
150 F, bodies sweating, clothes coming off, rock stars in attendance…a good ol’ fashion get down Rock & Roll dance party!
Mission accomplished.

Next stop… the Moon!!

The next few months are gonna be busy busy busy for your merry band of gentlemen. Here are some of the highlights….

June 9th, a Saturday…

SBU performs at the 9th annual Ink-N-Iron Festival!!! The full line-up gets released on March 1st. Y’all know what this is: hot rods; garage, punk and rock ‘n’ roll bands of all stripes; bitchin’ tattoos and tattoo artists; beautiful women… Here’s what the website says:

People are here for the love of Hot Rods-Kustoms, Live music, burlesque, art shows, 50’s fashion, and of course the tattoo show covering three floors inside the ship. 280 of the best tattoo artists in the world will be on hand from 30 States and 25 Countries representing all the tattoo styles; where a car show and music become an integral part of the event, mingling with the artistic expressions of the artists at work…

Obviously we’re stoked. Delighted, you might say. ‘Nuff said.

April 7th, a Saturday…

SBU plays its first ever show at the famous Belly Up in Solana Beach! We open for two of San Diego’s most popular bands, Transfer and Blackout Party. I don’t need to tell you that the Belly Up is the best venue in North County. Don’t let the posh shops fool you; some real rock ‘n’ roll takes place on this gorgeous strip. And if you haven’t heard of the bands we’re playing with, look ‘em up, these SD Music Award winners truly kill it. Come celebrate all the joys of local music with us, you will not regret it.

March 16th, a Friday…

St. Patrick’s Day starts one day early at the Flying Elephant in Carlsbad. No, we’re not doing a grip of Flogging Molly covers. But come and start your carousing and cavorting before donning your green on the 17th. It’s always a blast when we play the Elephant, complete with a packed house and plenty of dancing. The Schitzophonics open; we raved about these guys after playing with them last month at Soda Bar. Will said it was like seeing Hendrix front the Who if they were all amped on goofballs… Come hear what the fuss is about and tell us if you agree.

March 31, a Saturday…

At Bar Pink celebrating one solid year of Rock!! That’s right, SBU played it’s first show at the Royal Dive in Oceanside on March 31, 2011. Memories… Sunrise, sunset… We open for the Midnight Rivals, who are nothing less than an SD supergroup. Members of Louis XIV, Rocket from the Crypt and Lucy’s Fur Coat make up this juggernaut of rock. And we love playing Bar Pink; the sound, the vibe, the people, you can’t beat it. The best spot anywhere near the North Park sign, as far as we’re concerned.

April 27th, a Friday…

Celebrate Nate’s birthday at the Royal Dive in Oceanside! He’s been a supporter of SBU since we were a mere babe in the local music scene; remember, we played our first show there almost a year ago to this day? So dammit, I guess we should call this… our2nd Annual Royal Dive Conflagration!! No one should miss this, because there won’t be anything like it…. at least not until our… 3rd Annual Royal Dive Conflagration!!!

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